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Our proprietary whey-based products are an ideal way to care for your animals by starting their lives off with a properly regulated, jump-started immune system. We feel that animals that begin their lives with the best foundation of health, who have an immune system that is given every opportunity to function at its peak level, grow up to become healthier adults.

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We care about your animals because we know that not only are they a source of food and sustenance, but they’re also companions and friends who deserve the best love and care available!

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and hope you’ll peruse our various products (for all different species of livestock). Hopefully you’ll feel comfortable giving something a try and finding out how much healthier and productive your animals can be! Ask us anything…we love questions and creating more understanding about the immune system and our products.


ePoultry is a liquid-based product that can be administered in many ways but primarily in the drinking water of your birds. We’ve seen success using ePoultry in flocks as small as 2 birds and all the way up to commercial operations of 10,000+ birds.

Directions – ePoultry is extremely easy to administer; the contents of the bottle are added directly into the drinking water of your birds.

We recommend daily use for the first 30 days of life and then 1 week of use per month thereafter for the duration of the animal's life.

  • For chicks, poults, layers:
    • 0-50 birds - 1 capful per day
    • 51-100 birds - 2 capfuls per day
    • 100+ - 3 capfuls per day
  • For broilers and turkeys:
    • 0-25 birds - 1 capful per day
    • 26-50 birds - 2 capfuls per day
    • 51+ - 3 capfuls per day

When to use – ePoultry can be administered to your flock from day 1. This is the recommended use. We’ve found that flocks that start use from day 1 have shown to be healthier and more productive for the duration of their lives. There is no egg-withholding with ePoultry and it can not be overdosed. There are no negative side effects to use. Also, there are no synergistic effects to use when coupled with any other antibiotics or supplements. But remember, ePOULTRY CAN NOT BE OVERDOSED so daily use is OK!

*Note: 1 capful = 4-5 cc

ePoultry FAQ's

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What is the most beneficial reason to use ePoultry?  ePoultry provides natural immune support. It can help animals respond and react to challenges faster and better.  Proper immune function = feed efficiency, body weight, lower mortality, lower drug / treatment costs and higher production….…healthier animals!

Why should I add ePoultry to my flock?  It is a quick, easy, all-natural way to help your animals handle everyday and extraordinary challenges keeping them productive and healthy!

How much do I add if I am raising 4 full grown chickens? 1 capful (4-5cc) every other day in water or on feed.  Water delivery system should be cleaned once per week.  Refrigerate any unused product after opening.

Is it safe for baby chicks?  Yes!  ePoultry is recommended for chicks in the first 1-2 weeks of age (start day one if possible).  Early in an animal’s life is the best time to get the immune system kicked off!  It is safe and effective throughout the animal’s life.

If I give them too much, will it kill them? No.  ePoultry is a natural immune support product that CANNOT be “overdosed”.  It is a milk-derived product that can be consumed in any quantity without negative effects…you will just have to buy more!  Our main concern is safety, so many of the ingredients we use are in fact human food-grade quality.  

What are the things that ePoultry has been known to aide in?  ePoultry products have typically been used during periods of increased environmental stress to support the immune system and we have seen positive impacts on all challenges in raising poultry like change of season, bronchitis, flu, decreased production, exposure to E.coli and other similar challenges.  For more info contact our office at (563)568-6800.

If I start this and then stop it, is there anything I need to watch for in my birds?  Since it isn’t a drug there are no withdrawal issues, you may simply see a reduction in overall health and vitality. The ability to fight disease and other challenges is lowered with a weakened immune system.

Ok, so I believe in your product. Do you recommend I add this all year long non-stop to my chicken's feed/water or every other time or what is the recommendation for that?  ePoultry products can be fed throughout an animal’s life, or at selected times.  ePoultry can be used however you feel fits your schedule and needs, many producers use the product continually since you never know when a challenge will occur.  It also depends on the type of bird and goals for your birds.  Contact an eCow Products, LLC representative to find out a usage program that will work best for your needs.

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