Waukon, IA office eCow Products was founded in 2005 as a marriage between technological advances in nutrition and simple, practical solutions to some of the problems that face animal agriculture today.  Put simply we have an eye on the future while at the same time we know where we’ve come from. Our technology and products have a long history but our company name is relatively new in the marketplace.  We invite you to look at our site to learn more about us, our products and what we do.

While the eCow name is new in the marketplace our managers and employees are “old hands”.  Starting with our founder who has over 40 years of experience in all facets of animal agriculture and brings a wealth of experiences from his worldwide contacts and business ventures and continuing to our office, processing and manufacturing facilities located in the agricultural heartland of the United States we are aware of and involved in all facets of animal agriculture all of which has shaped our philosophies and business practices.

Our philosophy is not complicated we look for and find simple, effective and profitable products that help the farmer increase the profit and performance of their animals.

Stop in and see us in Waukon, IA. Just go to the stop light and look for the eCow!

Our customers include beef, dairy, poultry (layers, broilers and turkeys), horse and swine facilities around the globe, from standard commercial producers to organic and natural production facilities and everything in between these producers have found our products effective for their animals.

Our nutrition products come in a variety of packages, sizes and application methods.  To find out which is best for your facility just give us a call and we’ll help walk through it with you. 

Our products are formulated by professionals including nutritionists and veterinarians and focus on the highest quality ingredients approved and listed in leading industry publications.  We focus on those ingredients that have been shown to support an animal's immune system helping them deal with environmental challenges more directly and efficiently.

Our first concern is safety so many of the ingredients we use are in fact human food grade quality.

Our products are used in all forms of animal production including large commercial farms, farms that define themselves as all natural and some products that are utilized by organic producers (check with your certifier to follow the proper approval process).

In the end we realize that no matter how the products work in a lab or at the university they must work on your farm, they must work on your animals and they must help you maintain or increase your bottom line.  Give us a call so we can have on of our independent distributors or sales representatives visit with you to evaluate our products and their place in your production system.